I follow a student-lead approach while holding consistent, developmentally appropriate expectations for your child's participation, focus and cooperation. 

My first goal in an educational relationship is to create rapport and build trust with your child. As we develop a warm and trusting dynamic, I am able to better understand your child and facilitate a learning environment in which they can thrive.

As a lifelong mover, former Physical Educator and current Pilates teaching trainee, I integrate sensory awareness and movement concepts to keep learning environments engaging, extend learning experiences and incorporate self-regulation concepts.

I have experience working with small children through adults of many cultural backgrounds and am comfortable working with all stages of language acquisition. As a neurodivergent adult, I have a particular interest in working with Autistic students and ADHDers. I specialize in the Elementary school age range (Pre-K through 5th grade) across all content areas.


A Highlight of Philosophies That Inform My Teaching 

  • Ross Greene's philosophies on solving problems that cause unwanted behaviors and the operating principle that "Kids Do Well If They Can" 

  • Making math tangible, flexible and strategic using resources and research from Singapore Math, Greg Tang and Jo Boaler 

  • Reading and writing as joyful avenues for connecting and sharing; reading and writing as made up of many small, approachable skills that we can practice in fun and exciting ways!

  • The Zone of Proximal Development and using skillful scaffolding and appropriate support to build skills and independence

  • Understanding and accepting both neurodiversity and the reality of an education system poorly designed to meet all students where they are

  • Challenge by Choice and allowing students multiple entry points into a difficult task

  • Incorporating movement into learning instead of requesting or requiring stillness

  • Karen BK Chan's work on emotional intelligence, rejection resilience, LGBTQIA+ competency, consent and zones of growth

  • Close listening to the families I work with and learning from my own blindspots

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About Annemarie

I started my career as a management consultant in New York City. While I loved the constant challenges and opportunities, I knew I ultimately wanted to work in a field where I spend the majority of my time working directly with people. I joined the New York City Pathways to PE teacher education program and spent two and a half years earning my masters' degree while building my Physical Education Program at a public elementary school in Brooklyn. I loved teaching PE and found it to be a rich place to teach social-emotional skills, build confidence and incorporate academic skills.

For the 2020-2021 school year, I joined an innovative at-home education program created in response to the pandemic by Avenues: The World School. As a former homeschooler, I was excited to participate in an alternative teaching program and work more individually with students.

I absolutely love working with students one-on-one and am excited to be transitioning to tutoring. My methods are eclectic and I am always reading, learning and reflecting to become a more responsive educator. I value the trust and relationships I build with parents as well as students and I look forward to working with your family to support your child's growth and development. 


Interested in working with me?

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